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French Polynesia

Travel to French Polynesia with An Avenue Apart



French Polynesia has a way of making you forget about the rest of the world. Situated nearly exact halfway between the US and Australia, French Polynesia making up the beautiful islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Tahaa, and of course, Bora Bora are an ideal destination for those wanting to completely escape and unwind without the need for a terribly long flight. After landing in Tahiti following your 8 hour flight from Los Angeles, guests can choose to head straight to the other islands or spend a night getting adjusted.

The main attraction is of course Bora Bora, with quite possibly the most beautiful Lagoon in the world. Every moment of the day here yields a different shade of blue in the exact same spot-its hard to not find yourself getting lost just in the views here as you rest on your over water bungalow. If Bora Bora isn’t your cup of tea, guests can also choose Moorea which is less crowded or any of the outer island that often get overlooked. Over the last few years many more properties have popped up on other islands that makes the larger islands not the only game in town. 

We recommend splitting your time between Bora Bora and one of the other islands in French Polynesia as spending too much time, even in Bora Bora, can be repetitive. No matter how you do French Polynesia, we can promise you will fall in love and want to go back


Best time to go

Technically, the best time to visit Tahiti is May through October, though we find April and November are just fine. The winters are typically less humid with less rain, but honestly even in the summer you will rarely find yourself completely soaked for long periods of time.