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South Africa

Africa Safar 3

South Africa has such a mix of things to do that it promises to keep you entertained for weeks. From the wine regions and natural beauty of the south to the safaris and history further north, there is very little that won’t appeal to the majority of travelers.


Best time to go

Keep in mind when contacting us for South Africa, similar to Australia and New Zealand, the seasons are reversed from those here in the United States. Our summer is their winter. Consequently, the shoulder seasons are when we recommend most to visit-Spring and Fall tend to have the best weather, however South Africa is truly a year round destination. Travelers should be most weary of Cape Town during the winter as it does receive a lot of rain, though mixed in with beautifully sunny days. It is worth noting that Safari during the winter can be cold, but are also typically less crowded.

There is no set sample itinerary for South Africa as there are so many different Safari Lodges and properties to choose from depending on the specific type of trip you are looking for. From the 5 star luxury to the bush glamorous camping “Glamping”, there is quite honestly enough to meet every expectation. We generally recommend spending a full 5 nights on Safari to get the ideal experience, though many will ask for 2 weeks or more, splitting time between lodges. Be sure to advise if you have children as some luxury lodges do not allow children. Cape Town on the other hand feels almost like a different country when compared to the Safaris of the North which is why it’s important to experience both. Generally 2 weeks is a good amount of time to plan for South Africa as it will allow you to experience most of what the country has to offer.

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