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The Maldives

The Maldives are one of the most isolated and beautiful places on Earth. Made up of nearly 1,200 standalone sand and palm tree covered Islands, the destination promises to impress even the most beach savvy and well-traveled individuals. There are so many beautiful 5 star properties to choose from the Maldives that it’s hard to recommend favorites as each guest fit better with a different property. Contact us for more information and book your escape from reality!



Best time to go

 The dry season technical runs from December to April, but since the Maldives is a tropical climate, one can travel during the “wet” season and not need be too concerned except for the occasional rainy day. 

The best way to describe what it’s like to see the Maldives for the first time is what our founder wrote on his first trip to the Maldives in 2009.

“I’ll preface the forward by saying that I have been to many places that are deemed beautiful with respect to truly appreciating the ocean. With that said, nothing can compare to the colors experienced in the Maldives. We have all seen turquoise water, but to see hundreds of shades of blue, colors you thought could only be imagined on a painters easel, is beauty undefined. It’s Beauty by colors. 

As complex as a pictures might be, as descriptive as writing allows one to be, there are truly no words or photographs that can accurately convey to someone all the colors here. Colors change by the minute, by the angle of sun, by the fish in the water, by the strength of the breeze. A change in time of day in the identical spot yields a completely different shade of blue, a shade equally as masterful and unbelievable. 

The Maldives for me was life changing; similar to what I have experienced culturally in other countries, but in a different conveyance all together. For me the Maldives reminded me how simple life can be, how the number of hours in a work day can be set only by the tides, how the moon determines the days take as it does the strength of the gentle ways lapping against the dock. The Maldives were inspiring, they were life changing. They were indescribable. “

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